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August 26th Visit to Daveyton

It was a good morning in Daveyton!  It is extra windy here (a good thing – it means “the rains” are on the way and after that comes warm weather!!), so lots of dust and a little coolness in the air.  It was nice to be inside Gladys’ house with the wood stove!  I was sitting where I couldn’t see if the mice were there or not (happy day!!).  Pala came out of her house when I got there, carrying a big, fat, old leather Bible!  Next week I need to spend some time showing her how to use the tabs (actually indentions) in it.  We walked next door to Gladys’ and found Sunday there waiting!!  (I had prayed that Gladys would still be there – she is leaving tonight for another funeral.)  I think the study went pretty well.  Pala is very quiet so it’s hard to know what she’s thinking.  Gladys didn’t join us – she was in the middle of laundry since she’s leaving tonight – but she listened when she was inside scrubbing clothes.
Pray for Gladys.  When she fell a few weeks ago she injured her eye.  She says the doctor says it will heal, but she mentioned that now she sees white.  I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good to me.  The poor woman has burn scars all over her face, arms and abdomen.  Now has a scar under her eye – she needs her vision restored!
The two young girls who became Christians a couple of weeks ago studied with Denise.  (We decided to split up to save time and hopefully be more effective.)   They have started going to church!!  Doug’s 2 main guys were working today so he didn’t get to meet with them.  (The men seem to get jobs when they can, just day jobs.)  Doug is thinking maybe he and Larry need to start going on Saturdays.  He did get to spend some time and pray with with a couple of men that he recently met. 
I find it interesting that I am able to walk alone through the township without fear.  Most people are friendly.  The women and children are busy carrying water and doing laundry in tubs.  The men are sitting and talking or playing games (maybe a little gambling?).  I saw a little boy pushing a large bucket of water in a little wheelbarrow and he had a baby tied onto his back!  I can tell the children are learning English in school.  One group of little boys passed me and said (it was so sweet!!), “Hello my friend.  How are you?”  He sounded like a perfect Englishman!
Teachers have been on strike along with nurses and hospital workers; now the police are starting to join in.  Interesting times!!
*Names changed.

Keeping Up with Charlie and Ruth!!

Ruthie is 6 months old and already wearing pig tails!!

Charlie going with his dad, Rick, to a baseball game.

Our Initiation into Jo’burg Life

Robbers arrested across the street from our house.

People standing on our driveway watching!

So happy the police have not gone on strike yet!!!

Our “car gate” was broken again (the day before this robbery) along with the gate to our courtyard.  We think our burglar alarm must have scared the robbers when they attempted to break into our house.  God has been so good to bring good out of all this chaos – We have had lots of opportunities to bond with our neighbors since we were all feeling a little vulnerable.  Out of our 4 houses within our wall, one was robbed a couple of weeks ago.

Great Is His Faithfulness!!

OK.  Yesterday Doug came into my office and said that he was working on some things for today.  I heard him say, “I’m getting ready to go.  I have some things I need to do for tomorrow.”  So, I finished up what I was doing, shut down my computer, grabbed some papers, my jacket and went to his office.  I said, “I’m ready to go.”  Doug looked at me and said, “OK, just let me finish this one thing.”  

So, as we were heading out the door I asked why we were leaving so early.  He responded, “Because you came to my office and said you were ready to go!!”  Through some discussion we realized that neither of us was really ready to leave, but had thought the other was.  We had a good laugh and decided to go ahead and leave, and to stop by the grocery store and pick up some cereal.

Kym, a friend we met in Zambia is flying in from the US and is going to spend tonight with us.  As we turned to go to the grocery store, we realized that we had told her to turn at McDonalds and there was actually a KFC on the corner!!!  She would be driving after dark and we had given her the wrong directions!

We decided to head back to the office and leave her a message on Facebook that hopefully she would see before catching her flight.  We stopped by our house to put yoghurt in the fridge first.  Our neighbors were outside and invited us to just use their computer!!  Genevieve was able to tell me exact directions (the # of turns and lights) to give Kym!!

If we hadn’t had the original misunderstanding we would not have gone to the grocery store and realized our mistake.  And on top of that we normally buy cereal when we do our regular grocery shopping – on Friday we thought we had enough for this week!

God had to have orchestrated that entire scenario!  He wants us to know without a doubt that He is always with us . . . always provides . . . is trustworthy . . . cares about every detail of our lives . . . nothing is too small or escapes His notice.

I wanted to post this to encourage you today!  Lamentations 3:21-23 “Yet this I will call to mind and therefore I have hope:  Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

Trip to Botswana

Baboons along the highway (taken from car)

Landscape of SA from the car


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