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November 18th Visit Counting the Cost

We have been having rain everyday this week along with cool temps.  I threw in an extra pair of shoes this morning just in case I got mired in mud.  We did have to make careful decisions about the path we chose.  Only Denise and I were able to make the trip today.  She drove along the edge of the muddy road hoping to avoid the deeper ruts.  We parked in front of Pala’s house, finding the soccer field surprisingly without mud.

Pala was waiting and invited me in.  I was happy to have some time alone with her because I wanted to really see how she was doing.  I asked a few questions and got a few answers.  We talked about rain and then she began to tell me about her mother.  She had met her mother in 2002.  Her father’s mother had raised her until then.  (I think she would have been around 15 years old.)  She is planning a trip to see her again at Christmas.  Her husband has agreed to go along and to ask forgiveness of her family for leaving her. 

Sunday’s sister came to the door – I was happy to get to meet her.  She left, then the young girl (age 14, I think) who had joined us last week came and sat down.  She was living with her grandmother, but she died so she is living with a neighbor.  She no longer goes to school.  Sunday’s sister returned and found a seat on a small bench, so while the group was gathered I started!  We were looking at John 9; the story of the man born blind.  I told them the story and then related how the blind man and his parents had each “counted the cost” of following Christ.  We talked about how some churches say that following Jesus means health and wealth; but that the Bible teaches that there is instead a cost.  Sunday’s sister commented that sometimes people say “Jesus is no longer with me because this bad thing has happened.”  But she knew that Jesus does not leave you.  We talked about how the blessings of following Jesus far outweigh the hardships.

The young woman asked for prayer that she would find her mother.  She does not know where she is – she left the family to look for a job and never returned.  Pray that God will show Pala how to love her husband and that he will find God’s love and forgiveness.  Sunday’s sister asked for prayer that her son’s father would provide him with clothes for Christmas.

Sunday was in bed asleep when I stopped by her house.  She is 8 months pregnant and has high blood pressure.  Angelina was not visiting (probably because Sunday was not feeling well) so I did not get to share the Bible story with her.  Thank you for praying for these dear women that their love may abound more and more with knowledge and depth of discernment so that they may approve what is excellent and so be pure and blameless for  the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.  (Phil 1:9-11)

Doug’s Visit to the Township

Simone (pronounced “See Mone”) is the same age as I am and has become a good friend in the township we visit.  He is from Thembisa township which is located between Johannesburg and Pretoria; several miles from Daveyton / Zen Zella.  Simone’s younger brother died a few months ago and Simone travels to Daveyton /  Zen Zella weekly to run the kiosk his brother ran there.  At this kiosk, residents can buy basic food staples for everyday living.

Simon is interested in reading and hearing about God’s Word.  I gave him a copy of the book of John, asked him to read it and suggested when I come to visit on Thursdays, we could discuss what he had read.  He has been reading John and even some of Acts and seems to enjoy very much the Word.  He comes from a works based salvation perspective and through the Word he is seeing that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone.  Pray for Simon that God would penetrate his heart with the truth and that he would put his trust in Christ and not in his own works for salvation.


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