Monthly Archives: September 2011

Retreat and Reflect

If we are friends on FB, you have seen pics of our Victoria Falls trip.  It was truly a once in a lifetime trip thanks to Corryton Church.  The Victoria Falls were breathtaking.  Of course I spent a lot of time wondering how the first people discovered the falls.  Did they know that such a “loud noise” ahead is a signal to get out of the water!  Then there was the walking with the lions.  I am a lover of cats so this activity was a dream.  My own little Charlotte had just gone to cat heaven so I was in need of some time with cats.  The sunset cruise was so relaxing.  Seeing the wildlife was great, but my favorite part was just hearing the water and seeing the sunset.

After a trip like this, one would guess that I would come back feeling refreshed.  Au contraire!  I came back feeling “down” and empty actually.  I wonder if my “mood” is a reaction to the extravagance of the trip.  And maybe in part because I was disappointed that I did not share my faith with anyone in Zimbabwe.  I did have a conversation with a taxi driver about why Jesus came, but he seemed to already be firm in his faith.

I still do not really know why I am feeling this way.  But, if feeling down causes me to pray more and read my Bible more and examine my heart more . . .

I will trust in the Lord – the One who has never forsaken those who seek Him.


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